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The earthy tones, super matt texture also certified anti-slip surface create a door that, as one looks at it, has so many more benefits! Time-consuming colors adapting to most trends of decoration, adding a touch of abstract luxury to the cost less than the goodwill PRIVILEGE gives to your space.

  • All Materials Are Certified And Meet The Highest Quality Standards.

  • Polyurethane Adhesives Are Used To Completely Protect Against Moisture

  • Doors Have Incorporated All Of The World Market Innovations

  • Synthetic Laminate Materials Are Certified Class E1

  • The Wooden Surfaces Come From Natural Veneers Of A Sorting

  • They Are 100% Greek Made And Produced From Greek Raw Materials With The Prestige And Credibility Of The ALFA WOOD Group


A laminate door that "looks into the eyes" of the most expensive categories and stands next to them equal to equal! The OPTIMA with its striking design, dynamic colors and high quality, gives many reasons to prefer.


Earth tones, the super matt texture and the certified anti-scratch surface create a door that, as much as one looks at it, the more advantages it finds! Time-consuming colors that adapt to most trends in decoration, putting a touch of abstraction and unparalleled luxury, costing less than the PRIVILEGE   's added value to your space.


The most timeless and luxurious choice for home furnishing. Always up-to-date, regardless of design trends. Challenging, stylish or seductive, depending on its color, but never indifferent! Playing with colors and senses, everyone can find exactly what suits his personality and the style of his space.


Natural surfaces and colors that highlight the elegance of wood. The warmth of materials and the finesse they emit touch the senses. Different textures and a variety of colors offer whatever options you need to match VERO to the aesthetics of your space. VERO is a real lord!

1000 Series DOORS

The switching of materials, colors and volumes creates doors with the individual stamp of each one. A particular model, with unlimited possibilities. Let your imagination be free and unleash the aesthetics of your space!